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Bienvenue & Welcome

Mercredi, juillet 15th, 2020

Welcome, Bienvenue,


Welcome to Mondizen, a blend of France, French culture and French language.

I am Sandrine, the hostess of this beautiful place. I am a French woman, French teacher, lace-maker, embroidery maker, lace designer and embroidery designer. I love the French culture, French literature, French art de vivre.

On Mondizen, not only will you learn French, but you will also discover the French culture.

You livre abroad and want to know more about France? You want to learn French?

Well, the good news is: yes, it is possible. You can enjoy France and French wherever you are in the world.

So welcome!

Mondizen? What does it mean?

Mondizen is the contraction of « Mondial », « citizen » and of course « zen ». On Mondizen, you are a citizen of the world, you bring your own culture, your perspective on this world and I bring mine. Together, we create this wonderful new world, we create our world.