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Chocolate charlotte

Jeudi, juillet 16th, 2020

A little bit of a background

Although Charlotte is a very popular dessert in France, its origin is… English! We have to go back to the 19th century in England where a cook invented this dessert in the honour of Charlotte, the wife of George III and grand-mother of Queen Victoria. At this time, Charlotte dessert was crafted in a round and rather tall mold, covered with bread and filled with compote.

A few years later, a cook, Antonin Carême, founder of pastry and French haute cuisine, replaced the bread with boudoir biscuits and the compote with Bavarian cream. Charlotte, as we know it now, was born!

Here is my recipe « recette » of « charlotte au chocolat ». This beautiful dessert looks impressive but is not complicated to make.

But before this exquisite recipe, let’s learn a little bit of French! You can skip this part if you want ;-)

Listen to « les mots du jour », an audio file containing a the name and the ingredients of this recipe in French & download some vocabulary in French!