Une visite virtuelle de la France

Exactement… exactly

Let’s enjoy a virtual tour de France as, right now, it is much safer.

If you really want to visit France but times are difficult right now, you can visit France virtually. And let me be your guide ;)

Technology is great isn’t it?

How can I visit France virtually?

Well, in this article, I will give you a few links and present some very places you can visit. This includes museums you can visit virtually.

If you like modern art, then you’ll enjoy the:

Musée d’art moderne André Malraux:



This museum is located in Le Havre in Normandy.

Enjoy a virtual visit of this French museum.

I’ve also found this link:


You can also discover this wonderful museum. I have a crush for Monet (I love the “impressionnistes”) Waterlilies.


Le musée Monet et ses jardins, Giverny

Speaking of Monet, let me take you to another museum you can virtually visit in France. Let’s leave the coast of Normandy to go inside this region, between Rouen and Paris


Le musée Monet et ses jardins, Giverny :


Giverny is the city of Monet, this is where this famous painter lived in a beautiful home, now a museum. You can visit this museum and do not forget to take a walk in the wonderful gardens. You will find the spirit of Monet here, for sure.

And guess what?! Here is another virtual visit of this French museum:



I hope you will enjoy our first virtual visit of France.

I’ll get you another article with more places to visit from anywhere in the world. Enjoy your French virtual visits and see you soon!


Vocabulaire Visite Virtuelle France

museums : des musées

Virtual : virtuel

Virtually : virtuellement

A garden : un jardin

A home : une maison


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