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Visite virtuelle de Normandie

Jeudi, septembre 10th, 2020

A virtual visit of the Normandy Region!

I am thrilled to be with you again. I’ve searched for more ways to help you visit France virtually. Let’s go! Allons-y !

This time, we will still visit Normandy, but let me take you to a virtual visit of the city of Caen:

Now, let’s take a virtual tour of the French city of Lorne:

Then, let’s go and virtually visit Domfront:


And now, enjoy the amazing cathedral of Rouen:


In France, you will find a lot of cathedrals and churches, they are just magnificent with amazing stained glasses. If you like beautiful architecture, then the cathedrals and churches in France are definitely places to visit virtually or physically. Often, these monuments are as wonderful as castles. It’s a must-see when you visit France. These beautiful monuments are so intricate in the French culture, you cannot miss them even in a tiny village. You will be amazed and impressed to discover beautiful churches, just in the middle of nowhere. And 90% of them still have their bells ringing each hour (except during the night, people want to sleep!!).


Well, I’ll leave you here for today, I’ll meet you soon with more things to visit virtually in France. Even if you cannot travel right now, I bring you France.


Vocabulary / vocabulaire

Vocabulaire BlogPost visite virtuelle Normandie

Cathedral : cathédrale

Church : église

Stained glass : un vitrail / des vitraux

Architecture : architecture

A bell : une cloche


Une visite virtuelle de la France

Jeudi, septembre 3rd, 2020

Exactement… exactly

Let’s enjoy a virtual tour de France as, right now, it is much safer.

If you really want to visit France but times are difficult right now, you can visit France virtually. And let me be your guide ;)

Technology is great isn’t it?

How can I visit France virtually?

Well, in this article, I will give you a few links and present some very places you can visit. This includes museums you can visit virtually.

If you like modern art, then you’ll enjoy the:

Musée d’art moderne André Malraux:


This museum is located in Le Havre in Normandy.

Enjoy a virtual visit of this French museum.

I’ve also found this link:

You can also discover this wonderful museum. I have a crush for Monet (I love the “impressionnistes”) Waterlilies.


Le musée Monet et ses jardins, Giverny

Speaking of Monet, let me take you to another museum you can virtually visit in France. Let’s leave the coast of Normandy to go inside this region, between Rouen and Paris


Le musée Monet et ses jardins, Giverny :

Giverny is the city of Monet, this is where this famous painter lived in a beautiful home, now a museum. You can visit this museum and do not forget to take a walk in the wonderful gardens. You will find the spirit of Monet here, for sure.

And guess what?! Here is another virtual visit of this French museum:


I hope you will enjoy our first virtual visit of France.

I’ll get you another article with more places to visit from anywhere in the world. Enjoy your French virtual visits and see you soon!


Vocabulaire Visite Virtuelle France

museums : des musées

Virtual : virtuel

Virtually : virtuellement

A garden : un jardin

A home : une maison


Tour de France & route Napoléon

Lundi, août 31st, 2020

Aujourd’hui, c’est la 3ème étape du Tour de France.

Today is the 3rd day of le Tour de France, between Nice on the French Riviera and Sisteron.

As I was watching the news, a journalist mentioned that today, a part of the race would be on « la route Napoléon ».

Well, well, well. First of all, I have to confess… I am not a big fan of le Tour de France. I feel too much pain watching these guys riding for hours and hours and hours ;)

But if it’s your thing, you’ll find all what you need here: But, I thought it could be a good idea to use Le Tour de France as an excuse to discover a little bit more of France, not only from a riding perspective. So, here we are! La Route Napoléon! What????

I won’t be long, I’ll just give you a little bit of a historical background.

In France, we had kings for centuries and centuries. Then, during the 19th Century, after the Revolution, things became a little bit more complicated (as if is was possible…) and this time of the French History saw many political changes between the emergence of a republic, the come back of a king, republic again, and Napoleon who thought it was the right time to add an emperor on top of all of that. Crazy French ;) imageedit_9_7600106713

So Napoleon Bonaparte (also Napoléon 1er because he was the first… but not the last) has been the Empereur of France between 1804 and 1814. In 1814, he was exiled on the « Ile d’Elbe », the Eba Island, a tiny island in the mediterranean sea. He spent a few months there and escaped in February 1815. He then arrived at Golfe-Juan close to Nice and  started heading North. Close to Grenoble, a regiment meant to intercept him… helped him to march to Paris… and he became Empereur again (to make a very long story very short!).


So, all this to say, that today, the Tour de France will follow this Route Napoleon until Sisteron. And if one day you are in Nice or somewhere close to Nice on the French Riviera and plan to go North, if possible, take this Route Napoleon, sceneries are just gorgeous even if it’s longer than the highway. And if you want to learn more about our wonderful Empereur Napoleon Bonaparte;) I let you check the Wiki page. And I had no time to record the audio but I still give you some vocabulary.

Vocabulaire / vocabulary

Un empereur : emperor

Un roi : a king

Une armée : an army

Être exilé : to be exiled

Une île : an island