Visite virtuelle de Normandie

A virtual visit of the Normandy Region!

I am thrilled to be with you again. I’ve searched for more ways to help you visit France virtually. Let’s go! Allons-y !

This time, we will still visit Normandy, but let me take you to a virtual visit of the city of Caen:

Now, let’s take a virtual tour of the French city of Lorne:

Then, let’s go and virtually visit Domfront:


And now, enjoy the amazing cathedral of Rouen:


In France, you will find a lot of cathedrals and churches, they are just magnificent with amazing stained glasses. If you like beautiful architecture, then the cathedrals and churches in France are definitely places to visit virtually or physically. Often, these monuments are as wonderful as castles. It’s a must-see when you visit France. These beautiful monuments are so intricate in the French culture, you cannot miss them even in a tiny village. You will be amazed and impressed to discover beautiful churches, just in the middle of nowhere. And 90% of them still have their bells ringing each hour (except during the night, people want to sleep!!).


Well, I’ll leave you here for today, I’ll meet you soon with more things to visit virtually in France. Even if you cannot travel right now, I bring you France.


Vocabulary / vocabulaire

Vocabulaire BlogPost visite virtuelle Normandie

Cathedral : cathédrale

Church : église

Stained glass : un vitrail / des vitraux

Architecture : architecture

A bell : une cloche


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